About me

The importance of personal tips

When we find a blog we like, we often look for the reason why it was started. Some write because they want to share experiences. Others want to give personal tips and others simply want to create a memory for themselves, family, etc. My idea has come from the fact that during my ERASMUS in Gran Canaria I have written every day what I have done. I started with going out enjoying nature, good places to eat (and here we are not talking about the typical tourist places that offer you bad quality food at an exaggerated price), personal excursions not made by everyone, till traditional celebrations on a different way.

When you are lucky enough to share these experiences with someone, even better. Therefore, I decided to share these memories with you, in case you are looking for something different that stands out from the tourist recommendations in order to offer you a personalized memory. I believe that the best advice comes from people whose interest is to transmit what they have lived and enjoyed in order to offer an unforgettable experience as well.

The best of all? I accompany you; in person or helping you by creating a plan of the required duration and taking care of your needs. And if you are not sure what you want and you want a bit of everything? No problem, I create the perfect plan 🙂

My experiences

Even if I can’t say that I am practising what I studied, let’s just say that it helped me being there where I am right now. My teacher grade for Spanish and French was quite long, but during this time I had the opportunity to live in Paris for six months with the help of an exchange service and to do a year of ERASMUS in Gran Canaria. Yes, languages have always been mine. As you can also see on my blog, all article are written by me in every language.

After finishing my studies I decided to move to the island and live there. I was very impressed by the culture, the people and the quality of life. There, I started working in tourism: at the information points of City Expert, the famous red tourist bus of City Sightseeing and the impressive aquarium Poema del Mar.

Since I was able to see a lot of the island thanks to my ERASMUS programme during which I visited all the Canary Islands, I can say today that I know Gran Canaria very well and can therefore give good tips.

At the moment I work in marketing and SEO and in my free time I try to keep this blog up to date for you 🙂 For this, I spend a lot of time out on the island, test restaurants and ask locals for recommendations.

If you want to know more about me, you are invited to check out my LinkedIn. I am also very active on Instagram and post a lot about the island(s) or other places I visit.